Gray Television Logo

Gray Television is a leading media company that owns and operates high-quality stations in 113 television markets
that collectively reach 36 percent of US television households.


Swirl Films is a film production company founded by Eric Tomosunas. Our company provides services to take any idea from script to screen. For the past 15 years
Swirl Films has been one of the industry’s leading providers of urban content production and programming.

Raycom Sports produces a high volume of original and exclusive content, from live games and specialty programming to interviews, highlights and more. Using state-of-the-art technology and techniques, we consistently produce award-winning content.

rtm studios logo

RTM Studios is a full-service television marketing and media company specializing in automotive tech content.


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Cary Glotzer, Chief Executive Officer (Founder)
John Servizzi
, CTO (Co-Founder)
Greg Weitekamp


Greg Ambrose, Director
James Andrews, Associate Director
Kyle Binder, Producer
Tom Cavanaugh, VP, Remote Production
Adam Coppinger, VP, Remote Production
Andrea Crawford, Senior Director, Remote Production
John Fritz, Senior Director, Remote Production
David Harris, Director, Remote Production
Ryan Jordan, Producer
Jake Keefer, Intern
Scott Kono, Executive Producer, Development & Original Entertainment
Shaemus Kreider, Associate Producer
Peter Loomis, Director
Ryan Lott-Manier, Graphic Designer
Braden Pretzsch, Associate Producer
Adam Smith, Producer
Dylan Thompson, Associate Creative Producer
Steven Towle, Director, Remote Production
Dylan Ureño, Associate Producer
Stephen Wallen, Senior VP, Production & Special Projects
Nick Young, Director
Hayley Zedeck, Producer, Remote Production

Engineering & Operations

Kyle Clore, Engineer
Sandra Doerr, VP, Remote Productions & Operations
Allison Gobel, Operations Coordinator
Josh Littlejohn, Production Crewer
Angelica Locsin, Director, Operations
Jacob Matthews, Engineer
Madeleine Mckelvain, Crewing & Travel Coordinator
Melissa Rhines, Operations Manager-Operations Producer
Jake Thorn, Engineer
Curtis Varju, Senior Engineer
Charlie Volz, Engineer
Ryne Webb, Senior Director, Engineering
Jonathan Whittaker, Engineer

Finance and Business Affairs

Kyle Cleaver, Director, Human Resources & Business Affairs
Doug Cowen, Director of Finance
Bridget McCarty, Accounts Payable-Office Coordinator
Shany Qiu, Staff Accountant